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This is where kids and nature are linked together.

Welcome! Kids Discover Nature is now serving a #dailydoseofnature to inspire you to get outside with your kids.

There are a thousand ways for you and your kids to get outside together and and reap the proven benefits nature has to offer.

You CAN do it on your own and Kids Discover Nature can help.

There is One. Great. Big. Beautiful. world out there for you and your kids to explore. Let Kids Discover Nature be your guide.

Visit often for exclusive activities, ideas, and products to help you connect your kids to nature.

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This is where kids and nature are linked together.

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Spring is here! Longer days and warmer temperatures will give families more time get out into nature together.

Find fun activities, helpful tips, educational resources, and tons information youto help you and your kids enjoy nature and the outdoors. Our Activities Page is compiled just for you.

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Any time spent outside is better than no time spent outside.
Kids Discover Nature provides essential gear and destination reviews to help you.


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Our free download gives you several quick and easy activities kids can do outside with friends, alone, or with you!

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate children to go outside and play. There are so many other distractions like gaming, social media, and videos that keep them indoors. It’s even more challenging when you are out of ideas on what to do or how to teach your kids to enjoy the outdoors. Unlike when we were kids, nowadays parents have to be the drivers of outdoor play.

With most organized outdoor programs shuttered and our social support systems dismantled, the COVID-19 pandemic has put parents solely responsible for planning and keeping their kids active. Time spent outside is one of the healthiest activities for kids during these difficult and stressful times. Kids Discover Nature has the tools and resources to support your effort to encourage kids and families to “go play outside.”

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